Winner, Winner, Chicken Variation Database!

"Eat chicken?" has become a catchword recently. It doesn’t mean a dinner appointment in reality, but a winner in the game called "Wilderness Action",which is the mobile version of “Playerunknown's Battlegrounds”.  

Chicken Variation Database

When you become the champion of the game, the sentence ”Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!” will be presented in the upper left corner of the screen, which was a common slang word in foreign casinos.

Besides obtaining a Chicken Dinner in Game, the genome of chicken is worth knowing.

Working in parallel with the efforts to sequence the chicken (Gallus gallus) genome, the Beijing Genomics Institute(BGI) led an international team of scientists from China, USA, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany to map extensive DNA sequence variation throughout the chicken genome by sampling DNA from domestic breeds. Using the Red Jungle Fowl genome sequence as a reference, we identified 3.1 million non-redundant DNA sequence variants. To facilitate the application of our data to avian genetics and to provide a foundation for functional and evolutionary studies, we created the 'Chicken Variation Database' (ChickVD). A graphical MapView shows variants mapped onto the chicken genome in the context of gene annotations and other features, including genetic markers, trait loci, cDNAs, chicken orthologs of human disease genes and raw sequence traces. ChickVD also stores information on quantitative trait loci using data from collaborating institutions and public resources. Our data can be queried by search engine and homology-based BLAST searches.

Moreover, there is special dataset about the genome of chicken in CNGBdb, which contains a series of research projects such as chicken genome sequencing, chicken transcriptome sequencing, chicken gut microbiom, etc.

For More information about the genome of chicken, please visit CNGBdb website.


Wang, J. ChickVD: a sequence variation database for the chicken genome[J]. Nucleic Acids Research, 2004, 33(Database issue):D438-D441.