Why it’s so difficult for you to stop eating, even though you are not hungry?

Why it's so difficult for you to stop eating

For foodies, there is nothing that can't be solved by eating (except for weight loss).

When you are happy, you need to celebrate by eating; when you are unhappy, you need to relieve anxiety by eating. Anyway, in addition to sleeping, for the rest of your life, you could eat and eat and eat… But Why it's so difficult for you to stop eating, even though you are not hungry?

Last month, the scientists from the University of North Carolina found that the "culprit" which made you unable to stop eating was the brain circuit.

"This circuit seems to be the brain's way of telling you that if something tastes really good, then it's worth whatever price you're paying to get to it, so don't stop," the leader of this study said.

The existence of this mammalian brain circuit, described in a paper in Neuron, might help explain why humans so often overeat in our modern environment of abundant and delicious fare. The circuit is a byproduct of evolution, when large calorie-rich meals were scarce, and so our brains were wired to devour as many calories as humanly possible because no one knew when the next super meal would come.

So you gain weight constantly, from slightly fat to overweight. But you get fat, your life gets sad, all your charm is gone, the diseases caused by obesity will also beleaguer you, and more terrible than these is that obesity can impair cognition!

The latest study from Medical College of Georgia shows that obesity can break down our protective blood brain barrier resulting in problems with learning and memory.

It has known that there is receptor Adora2a on endothelial cells, which normally supports healthy relationships between brain activity and blood flow. The chronic activation of the receptor Adora2a can let factors from the blood enter the brain and affect the function of our neurons. Problems arise with chronic activation, particularly in the brain, which is what happens with obesity,

So for your healthy, put an end to any kind of destructive overeating behavior.

Source:Science Daily
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